The road to [virtual] Nagoya – special cancellation edition.

I’m not sure if you have heard of this mass worldwide epidemic that is going on, the small thing known as COVID-19. You, like me, probably just vaguely kept interest in it thinking it doesn’t affect me…unfortunately, in this instance, I was wrong! Also, before you jump to conclusions, I do not have COVID-19.

Cute viruses…

On Monday (17th February) Tokyo Marathon decided to cancel the mass participation race as they were unable to guarantee the safety of participants due to COVID -19. As Nagoya Women’s Marathon is also a huge event, speculation began about the cancellation of the event. I won’t lie, there were some tears and some anger and a few other stages of grief that followed. This was all before any form of official announcement from the organisers. I started looking up alternatives, different options for a marathon, there is a Malaysian Women’s Marathon which is held on the same day which could have been an option (also looking to cancel…could you imagine changing everything only to have it cancel…I think Sam would divorce me!).

I started to have some hope as there was still no official announcement only that the organisers were considering their options and we will be notified in due course. Unfortunately that hope was smooshed when finally, on February 20th we got the news. The mass participation event was cancelled…there was a silver lining though, all entrants were able to participate in a virtual marathon and still receive the Tiffany’s necklace!

Official notice for the “online” marathon!

So, the plan is to continue to taper as planned and travel to Nagoya as planned. Then on March 8 (or March 7th), I will be running 42.2km around the streets of Nagoya, and earning my Tiffany’s necklace. I have trained and put in the hard yards and now I want to be a marathoner. It will be a very different experience and my mindset is completely wonky about it but I will do it. I guess it also means I now have to do a proper marathon sometime…

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