Part Twenty Six – Last full week of training…back to back long runs are horrible

After the shorter long run of the weekend, I felt so much better mentally. I had a wee bit of re invigoration into my training and again “looked forward” to running at Nagoya. Knowing that I only have one more long run to go and one week left before taper, is a really nice feeling.

I started the week with my normal rest day, I was out and about for work so did more driving than anything else, it was a lot of fun and a good day for a rest! Tuesday I restarted the resistance training, it was hot and humid and Michelle complained the WHOLE way. It wasn’t that bad, I probably wasn’t super supportive…if you can talk you can move!!!! Training that night was sweaty and hot, but it was nice to not feel like crap while running! We did a reverse of the normal loop which messed with my head. it was about 100m on, 150 m recovery, 600 m on and 100 m recovery. I was so happy with how I felt and finished well. The whole two more reps thing was real, I could have done two more reps but the reality is I didn’t want to! ha ha


Wednesday I did a nice easy lunch walk, no resistance with me, just a gentle walk to move the legs. It was bloody hot so I kept it pretty slow. Thursday, the plan was to go into Shepparton and go to the runners club, but I did that thing I shouldn’t do, which is going home before going to the runners club! I was tired and it was hot, So getting out for a gentle easy run locally was about as good as it gets. It was quite unpleasant, but I am glad I got out. Friday I had a massage booked with Tom and his magic hands. We reached the upper limits of my pain threshold but it felt good…after the fact! Calves are not fun to be massaged…nor are quads….So painful!

Because of Tom’s magic hands, and the risk of injury and fatigue, the coach recommended splitting my long run and doing back to back long runs. So the plan was 20 on Saturday, then 14 on Sunday, then the handicap afterwards. So, at 6:30 Saturday, Sam and I set off. It was so humid and warmer than anticipated, I got to 9 km listening to some angry 90’s girl music of the indie pop persuasion, then got to parkrun. It was a pretty uneventful long run, gels were great, no toileting issues and the time passed reasonably well. After parkrun, I had 6 km to go so headed up towards the club rooms, which was about when the sun came out and IT WAS HOT. I felt like my head was melting, I couldn’t cool down and I managed to split my water bottle so my boob looked like I had had a massive explosion. I was super sweaty and at 19 km because I was so hot, I decided to just walk. I finished up, met Sam, went home and pillow forted for the day. It was quite nice!

Sundays long run had to fit in before the Handicap, so it was a 445 get up, I was a little slow getting out the door, but I made it out. It was pretty dark when I set off and the head torch was very very much needed. I kept pretty local for the first 7 km until the sun was up enough to ditch the torch. Again it was a fairly uneventful long run, music, no toilet issues that I can recall, gels went down well, no boob leakages…It was quite sweaty, so I drank a lot of water. Got home, jumped in the shower, got into my second set of exercise clothes and trotted off to the track where I was running with Katherine. I apologise Katherine if I was abusive…It was supposed to be encouraging…but it was an awesome effort. 1600m at the track is the worst distance…except for maybe the 800 m. I have to say that having done the back to back long runs, then standing around at the handicap, I was stuffed by the end of it, so the thought of a relaxing day was really nice! The back to back long runs are really tough mentally because you still know even thought one long run is done, you have to do another. But it was nice to take the pressure off the body. Another week in the books and its only 3 weeks until Marathon day…I can’t believe I haven’t yet mentioned the most important thing of the ENTIRE week…


All the feels!!

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